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Posted on: September 4, 2019

ECCRA to Provide New Antenna Site for Norwich Police Department

Eastern Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority to Provide New Antenna Site for Norwich Police Department

Middletown CT – September 4, 2019 – The Eastern Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority (ECRRA) today ratified an agreement that allows the Norwich Police Department to place a new communications antenna on the Authority- owned Lisbon Resource Recovery Facility in Lisbon CT. As a community service, the agreement requires no rental payment by Norwich and ECRRA will cover the minor amount of electricity required for the new equipment. Other features of the agreement provide for industry standard insurance, design approval, access limitations and other provisions designed to protect ECRRA according to City Councilman and ECRRA Board member Gerry Daley.

The City of Middletown created the Eastern Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority (ECRRA) in the early 1990’s and continues to be ECRRA’s sole member. ECRRA is led by Mayor Daniel T. Drew, with City Councilmembers Gerry Daley and Phil Pessina as members. Norwich is a member of the nearby Southeast Connecticut Regional Resource Recovery Authority (SCRRRA) which earlier this year agreed to send its members’ trash to ECRRA’s Lisbon facility for ten years allowing ECRRA to operate at full capacity and efficiency.

The new antenna will be linked to the Statewide Trunked Radio System and will give Norwich officers seamless communications with State troopers – officers would change channels on one radio instead of having to switch off between two devices. The project is also aimed at eliminating the numerous “dead-air” spots affecting police mobile and portable radios in some areas.

“This equipment will enhance public safety in Southeastern Connecticut and that is good for the entire state,” said Gerry Daley, ECRRA Board member and Middletown Councilman. “Communities, including Middletown, that are linked to the State radio system will have seamless communication with State and local public safety agencies in that part of the State,” Daley stated.

Middletown Public Works Director Bill Russo urged the ECRRA Board to approve the agreement, saying, “The addition of this communications antenna on the Lisbon plant will also benefit Middletown because Public Works trucks regularly travel to Lisbon to deliver bulky waste for disposal.” “Being able to maintain radio communications with our Truck Drivers will give us greater peace of mind from both safety and general management perspectives,” Russo added.

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