Middletown Fire Department - Specialized Rescue Services

The Middletown Fire Department operates with four Specialized Rescue Teams: Dive Rescue, Hazardous Materials Response, Marine Operations, and Technical Rescue.  Each team is staffed by MFD employees specially trained in these disciplines.  From time-to-time, each team will be showcased on these pages. 


Technical Rescue Team



The mission of the Technical Rescue Team (TRT) is to provide a coordinated effort to locate, extricate and provide medical treatment to victims of the communities we serve.   Capabilities include high angle rope rescue (removal and packaging of victims from the side of a mountain cliff or high-rise building and also building a tension high line for removing victims from building to building or across a large ravine); low angle rope rescue (removal and packaging of victims down an embankment); confined space rescue (removal and packaging of victims in a confined space).  Team members are able to enter a confined space up to 300 feet on a supplied air system and provide medical attention to victim; and vehicle and machinery rescue (extricating and packaging victims trapped in a motor vehicle or a machine, using specialized equipment).