City of Middletown Recycling Program Information

In accordance with State Law and Municipal Ordinance, everyone is required to recycle - residents, businesses, institutions, schools - EVERYONE!  In Middletown, we are currently recycling approximately 30% of all our waste.  There's more work to be done!  We hope to recycle 40% by the year 2024.   Below is some information regarding the City's Recycling Programs.  If you have specific questions about recycling, contact the City's Recycling Coordinator.

  • Electronics Recycling Information - Household electronics can be recycled for free at the City's Recycling Center.

  • Household Hazardous Waste - Hazardous items should be brought to a Hazardous Waste Collection Day. Look here for more information.

  • Project Green Lawn - Learn about the City's effort to promote healthy lawns without the use of dangerous chemicals.

  • Recycling Events - Keep abreast of recycling happenings here!

  • Recycling Services - Here's your answers on how to recycle and what services are offered. 

  • Middletown's Zero Waste Initiative - What is "Zero Waste"?  Find out what Middletown is doing to be a Zero Waste Community.
  • Stay Connected! - The City maintains an email list of residents interested in staying up to date on recycling issues.  Send us your email address and we will keep you posted in all events and happenings! Send us an email by clicking on Stay Connected! and write "Subscribe" in the subject heading.