Sanitation Division - Public Works

The City Sanitation District collects garbage and recyclables in the downtown area of Middletown.  Residents and businesses in the District pay a separate fee for this service.   All garbage and recycling is collected by an automated truck.  Bulk Waste is collected separately on a Wednesday or Thursday for $75/pick up.  Bulk waste is not collected on holiday weeks.

On March 3, 2014, the Common Council adopted new ordinances, Sections 253-23 to 253-26, which require that all garbage carts and recycling bins be removed from the curbside within 24 hours of pick up.  A fine of $25 will be issued for each violation. Please note that each continuing day of noncompliance shall constitute a separate violation.

Please note:  Any furniture or material that is put out for pick up must be free of bed bugs.  If it does contain bed bugs, the item MUST be wrapped in plastic prior to pick up.   Large plastic bags can be obtained from any furniture store, most large hardware stores and department stores as well as on line stores.  

Sanitation District Guidelines outline procedures for regular garbage disposal, recycling and bulk waste collection. 

Sanitation Garbage and Recycling Schedule - Recycling and garbage are picked up on the same day.  Recycling is every other week, garbage is every week.   If garbage is placed in the recycling cart, it will NOT be emptied.  Schedule through November 2018 is here.  The December 2018 - May 2019 Schedule is here.  

Private Trash Haulers - If you live outside of the Sanitation District, you are serviced by a private trash hauler.  You must contact them directly for service and costs.  All private haulers must be registered with the City and  provide trash and recycling services. 

For additional information on collection procedures, billing or recycling regulations, contact the Public Works Administrative office at (860) 638-4850.